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Weblogic Realtime Interview Questions

These two questions very much important for me:
1) What are your daily day to day activities?
2) Describe the real time problems that u faced in your administration
3) Did u work with any tools which helps you to see the heap dump or
thread dump?
4) What is 202 error, 500 server error?
5) What is the generalized approach for Migration?
6) What is the difference between L1, L2, and L3?
The user submitted the request,
7) When that request is on processing in the middle the server
Crashes then what happens?
8) How do you verify that you are using Horizontal clusters not a
Vertical cluster?
9) What is vertical and horizontal scaling and their Advantages and
Dis-advantages (Key points)?
10) How to check the multiple NIC in Unix or Linux?
11) To specify the weight of a cluster member in which file we have to
12) How do you find memory leaks? At what situation memory leaks
Occur –Give any examples? Is there any tool to find memory

What are u r day to day activites
-Web logic servers monitoring,
-Health check,
-JVM monitoring, GC pattern analysis,
-WLS logs,
-DB connection, Heap, Threads monitoring
- System CPU, memory monitoring
JVM run as -server compiler, Xms, Xmx,
NewSize(1/4th of Xmx) ,MaxpermSize, Permsize,
GC collection policy, Large memory pages,Heap dump etc

WLS run as production mode,
Xms=Xmx, Define Permsize,
Enable verboseGC,
JDBC initial pool=Max pool size,Pool sixe>=sum of thread counts,Use prepared statement cache,
define server reload and jsp page check =-1,
Enable native IO,Cluster group define,
Use memory replication,
Separate multicat addresss for each cluster.
Do not add admin sever to cluster,donot target anything to admin server. etc.

3 good interview questions which i came across recently :

1) Consider box1 has node manager, admin server1 and managed server 1 & box2 has managed server 2. Managed server 1 and managed server 2 are in cluster, on which box will the cluster be present, box1 or box2??

2) What will be the effect if multicast ip is duplicated for 2 different
applications in a network??

3) What is the maximum memory limit in web logic??

4) What is the maximum limit of Heap?

5) What is xss?

Max limit of heap should ideally be about 80-85% of available RAM on the machine